About FutureFuel

FutureFuel is a quest for answers to the big questions of our time. It’s my personal search for answers to urgent questions about the future of mankind, the future of my generation and my own.

Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist


The world is in transition. We are right in the middle of the chaotic switch from the old world, that groans under the new concepts, to a new world and economy. The challenges we have to face are huge, but the good news is that we – you, I – have more influence than we’ve ever had before. Like Thomas Friedman told me in his interview: ‘The future belongs to ordinary people doing extraordinary things.’ The world needs you, very much.

An important mission.
Princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld
An inspiring and hopeful project.
Frénk van der Linden, interviewer and tv host
People like Anne give hope to the world.
Parag Khanna, foreign affairs advisor President Obama


The insights from my journey have already inspired many people to get started, from CEOs to students and from foreign aid workers to high school teachers. Do you want to know how the world works and what you can do to face the current huge challenges?

Fábio Colletti Barbosa, CEO Abril Group



How can your company or organization seize the opportunities that arise in a new world? Which trends will influence the work field of your company or organization in the coming years? How do you stay relevant in the 21st century and how do you contribute to positive change?