A joke of the universe

Two weeks ago I received an unexpected email: if I, together with two other youngsters, would like to speech for a panel of 11 world leaders during the UN Intergenerational Dialogue in Geneva? The universe seemed to be joking. At the beginning of this year I had decided no longer to focus on the big names I supposedly needed to attract attention to my FutureFuel quest, to get my book published and to have any right to speak at all. I decided to start searching again for answers instead of quotes. I decided to focus on the exceptional trendsetters of the young generation, because in their thoughts and actions the new world is already visible. And there I was, standing in front of the big shots I had crossed off of my list a couple of months before: Kofi Annan, Mohammed Yunus, Gro Harlem Brundlandt…

Last week as quick as I could I prepared a speech (‘We need the young generation to lead us into the future’), and last Tuesday the moment was there: I talked to a room filled with 600 young people and the big names I had firmly erased from my FutureFuel wish list in January. For once, I couldn’t ask any questions, I had to answer them. View the result in the video stream above, starting at 1:30:22.

Also check the inspiring answer of Mohammed Yunus to a question that was asked via social media: ‘How can I find my passion?’, starting at 2:01:50. And don't forget to watch the speeches by William Knechtel from Canada about education and unemployment (starting at 1:01:40) and by Pablo Aguilera from Mexico about health, HIV and aids (starting at 1:45:03).

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