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Anne Walraven ©Marthe HenninkMy name is Anne Walraven (1986). At 26 I started a personal quest for FutureFuel, the power of young people as fuel for the future. A journey across 4 continents, meeting 15 of the most inspiring doers and thinkers of our time. I embarked on this journey across the world without a network, budget or any journalistic experience, but with a passion to find answers to the true questions of our time: can anybody tell me how the world works? And what is the role of the young generation regarding the enormous challenges we are facing? On howtofixthefuture.com I report on my experiences with blogs and videos. Soon my first book and a documentary about my quest will be published.

In the past few years I have dedicated myself to creating a more sustainable society in various ways. During my time at university I represented the young generation as UN Youth Delegate, founded two sustainability organizations for young people (among which are Bigmamma), initiated a documentary about climate change and was co-manager of a large Dutch climate research. In 2010, I received as youngest person ever a so-called Sustainability Decoration (Duurzaam Lintje) from the then Secretary of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment.

Next to FutureFuel I am the founder of the Sustainable Young 100 (Duurzame Jonge 100), a trendsetting list of the 100 most pioneering, innovative and inspiring initiatives, ideas and start-ups regarding sustainability in the Netherlands.

I am often asked as a speaker at events and I act as a consultant for various organizations, such as Alliander, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Meerlanden N.V. and Trees for All. In 2013, I was listed on the Trouw Sustainable 100, the Viva400 and #GenerationGlamour.

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