Peter Sunde, the founder of the download website The Pirate Bay and one of the 15 great thinkers and doers of the FutureFuel quest, was arrested last Saturday after Interpol had been tracking him for two years. In 2012 he was sentenced to 8 months in jail because of his activities for The Pirate Bay. Until now, he had been successfully avoiding that sentence. You could doubt the tracking methods of Interpol, though, since he wasn’t hard to find being a successful international speaker and candidate for the European Parliament. During my interview with him two months ago he elaborated on his life as a ‘fugitive’ and his never-ending battle for freedom of speech, freedom of internet and for the future sharing economy. I am very impressed by his visions and I was very sad to hear of the – internationally broadcast – arrest of this ‘hopeful monster’.

I felt I had to take action, however small it would be. Together with Pastamedia I decided to support the hashtag #freepetersunde and #freebrokep with a series of videos of Peter. In doing so I am risking a tsunami of criticism that my generation never does anything but click the Like-button and send a tweet or two, which is totally useless. It probably is. But still. I am more than happy if I can share Peter’s exceptional vision with others, if only a few. In the coming days I will daily post a new video of Peter. Will you join me on Twitter and Facebook?

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