About me

Anne Walraven (1986) is a writer, much sought-after speaker and entrepreneur. With her guiding question How to fix the future? she travels the world to find answers to the deeper questions of our time. Together with shamans, scientists and visionaries she develops a larger vision for life on earth and a new perspective on the challenging times we live in, both in the world and within ourselves. With her inspiring insights, she previously advised organisations such as the United Nations and was named by Glamour as one of the leading figures of her generation. The Dutch government honored her with the youngest ever Sustainable Ribbon award.

Founder of multiple initiatives, including: FutureFuel, Sustainable Young 100, bigmamma and Connecting Delta Cities. Elected to (among others): the United Nations Youth Advisory Council of the United Nations Environment Programme.

In the ice water on Greenland (© Sven Nieder)
Speaking at the United Nations
Interviewing shaman Angaangaq
Interviewing biologist Jane Goodall
Interviewing food expert Louise Fresco
With question mark in Singapore
Advice for the future (© Jeroen Oerlemans)

Just like our entire world, this website is currently in transformation. Stay tuned for new updates.