Alec Loorz

At 20, Alec Loorz has already built a career as a world-famous climate activist. When he was 12 years old he saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and decided he would do everything to stop global warming within his lifetime. He founded the organization Kids vs Global Warming, gave tens of thousands of presentations worldwide, organized protest marches with 50,000 young people in 45 countries, and at 16 he sued the United States for not drawing up sufficient climate policies. In this interview he speaks about his latest insights regarding the global transformation that is going on right now, but moreover he points out the importance of a personal transformation within ourselves.

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Alec’s message for the younger generation:

The fire of transformation is inside of you, inside of all of you. And that fire can show itself in a variety of ways. Our task as human beings, stepping into adulthood in a time when our whole species is stepping into its own adulthood, is basically just to find the roles that we play, find the place where we fit into the story. And then living it with everything that we have. Live as if the future matters. Live as if the planet matters.