Boyan Slat

‘You can use all the existing opportunities to deal with real problems, or you can watch videos of cats on slides on YouTube all day.’ Boyan Slat, the 19-year-old boy who has come up with a solution to rid the oceans of all their plastic waste (and who has already raised more than 2 million dollar for his project), explains in an extensive interview which mindset he utilizes to come up with innovative solutions, how he deals with all the (international) attention and why the world doesn’t need another new app: ‘The Yo app, for instance. It’s a shame, really.’ This is a unique portrait of a young inventor who admirably focuses on creating an impact on the world. Watch the abridged version of the interview with Boyan Slat here.

This interview is not yet subtitled in English.

Boyan’s boodschap aan de jonge generatie:

It is important to solve existing problems. Ask yourself: am I truly solving a problem here, do people need my solution? We just have to get going, really, and focus on the existing problem instead of building the umpteenth new app without real impact.