Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo, quantum physicist, system thinker and founder of the Club of Budapest, gives you a 13-minute crash course ‘How To Change The World’. He explains what the problem is – ‘We have created a global world and have a local mentality’ – he explains the system change we are in right now, and which influence you have to change the world (which is a lot!). Watch the abridged version of the interview with Ervin Laszlo here.

Ervin’s message to young people:

‘Be the periphery, be the cultural edge. Be the emergent butterfly. Believe me if you can bring together the culture that is emerging, to make it more powerful, that will change the world. More and more people start living alternatively, their example will spread. They provide an alternative. Create the alternative. Be the new world, be the change, you know. Bring people together to see that it’s meaningful. It’s fulfilling, and it’s an historic task, it’s a challenge that you’re here to respond to.’

EXTRA: Interview with Agota Ruzsa, Club of Budapest