Julia Butterfly Hill: ‘Everything you want to see in the world has to exist in your own heart, first.’

Everything you want to see in the world has to exist in your own heart, first. We desperately need true transformation of the system and ourselves.

Julia Butterfly Hill, environmental activist
Full versionJust a few meters away from a gently flowing Atlantic Ocean, I interviewed the prominent environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill. With swaying palm trees in the background and a refreshing sea breeze (OK, OK, we almost fainted from the heat, but that’s by the way), Julia told us of the importance of a renewed connection with each other, the planet and with ourselves, and why in this exciting transition phase it’s so important that we all – yes you there too – identify our own passion and fulfill our dreams: ‘Believe in your own dream and the possibility to change the world. And stop believing in other people’s dreams. What is it in your life that’s challenging you to surpass yourself?’ And no, fortunately that doesn’t mean that we all have to start living in trees. Phew…

No time for so much inspiration in your hectic life? Well, we’ve got a special short version just for you.

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