Parag Khanna: ‘Chaos will be the new normal.’

The world order is broken. Chaos will be the new normal. The power to influence the world will be in the hands of ordinary people.

Parag Khanna, global strategist
Short versionParag Khanna, global strategist, President Obama’s foreign affairs advisor and the eleventh role model of the FutureFuel quest, explains the failure of the global system and the transition to a new but completely chaotic one. After elaborating on the theoretical concepts of authority, power and influence (which is not exactly my cup of tea, as you will notice) Parag describes how the power to change the world will shift to us, the ordinary people.

For those of us who are not afraid of big chaos he tells about the exciting transition full of innovation, creativity and opportunities: ‘For me, this new chaotic global system is liberating. I am looking forward to all the new ways of self-organisation. Yes, we are all thrown back on ourselves: we have to become our own global strategist and find out what we want to do. Go and build your own future, and by doing that you will realize that in the process you are also contributing to the future of many others. You are not alone.’

Watch the full version here.

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