Peggy Liu: ‘Let’s focus on the dream.’

Why don’t we create communication about a sustainable Chinese future like we’re making a good Hollywood movie?

Peggy Liu, sustainability expert
Full versionPeggy Liu, one of China’s most famous ‘sustainable doers’, explains the rapid developments in China and the enormous social and environmental challenges that accompany it. Her solution? ‘We should through sustainability jargon out the door, and create the dream.’ Peggy is working day and night to create a counterpart of the American Dream (and all the doom and gloom language of Western environmental people): the ‘China Dream’. She paints an optimistic picture of a new green China: ‘How can you not be optimistic when you see change for the better happening in front of your eyes every day?’

No time for Peggy’s complete energy boost in your busy schedule? Check out the short version.

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