Thomas Friedman: ‘It is time for the Earth Race.’

It is time for the Earth Race. Who can be the first to invent all the green technologies so men and women can stay here on earth?

Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist
Full version‘In the market as well as on our planet, we behave in the same way: we underestimate the risks, allow the financial world to privatize the profits derived from these risks, and when it all goes wrong we the taxpayers pay for the losses. That’s exactly what we are doing with Mother Nature: we underestimate the risks of the emissions from fossil fuels, let the gas and oil companies pick up the profits, but we put the losses on your credit card and mine in the form of dangerous climate change.’

Thomas Friedman, the well-known visionary, talks candidly about the challenges we are facing, but especially about all the opportunities and possibilities: ‘You are the Re-generation.’

Check the full version here.

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