Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall earned worldwide fame through her 40-year-long study of chimpanzees in the Tanzanian jungle. At age 78, this amazing woman is still travelling across the world to raise young people’s awareness of their own impact on the planet and the huge challenges we face today: ‘Every day you make an impact on the world, and you have a choice as to what kind of impact you are going to make’. In this interview, she talks about the need for a renewed connection with nature and calls on young people ‘to start thinking differently’. Watch the abridged version of the interview with Jane Goodall here.

Jane’s message to young people:

‘My message for young people is a very important one. That every single day that you live you make a difference in the world, and you have a choice to what kind of difference you want to make, what sort of impact you want to make on the planet, how you interact with people and animals each day. Every single day you make an impact.’