Julia Butterfly Hill

Environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a Californian redwood tree for over 2 years to protect the ancient forest against complete deforestation. That made her a global icon for a new way of thinking and protesting. According to Julia all big world problems boil down to a lack of connection with ourselves, each other and the planet. Personal integrity is key: ‘Where are you in line with your own values and the world you want to live in, and where aren’t you? And how can you change that?’ Watch the abridged version of the interview with Julia Butterfly Hill here.

Julia’s message to young people:

‘Believe in your dreams, and your power to change the world. Stop believing in other people’s dreams. I see so many people who are afraid to follow their dreams and so they’ll attach themselves to somebody elses. There’s something magical in our dreams, of our vision of what’s possible. So believe in it. But also, then believe in your power to change to world. That means that you are the one that’s responsible for your dreams, nobody else. Life it, breath it, go for it. Enjoy the magic, enjoy the journey as you give it your all to manifest whatever it is your dreaming into reality.’