My name is Anne Walraven and this is my mission: to find answers to the deeper questions of our time, in order to arrive at a new vision for our life on earth. With the help of shamans, scientists and visionaries I develop a new perspective on the challenging times we live in, both in the world and within ourselves. How to fix the future?

A few months after interviewing a shaman in Greenland – who performed a ceremony to connect my head and heart – I was knocked down by a vehicle and landed head first. My global quest for answers was thus expanded to a global quest for healing, with the most important question being: How to fix my future?

Alongside various medical treatments at home and abroad, I am currently working on my new book about the future of humanity and the transformation to a new economy. In addition to my personal quest and the encounters with visionaries, I also describe the new vision that I was able to develop precisely because I was so disconnected from the world. Or as the Greenlandic shaman said: ‘Close your eyes to the world and open them within. The answers to all your questions are in your own heart.’ To then burst out laughing: ‘So you didn’t have to travel the world at all!’

Here you can view previous encounters, all interviewees so far, presentations I gave and the insights I shared in the media. After the release of my book I hope to take the stage again (and secretly travel the world again for new answers to my questions).

Just like our entire world, this website is currently in transformation. Stay tuned for new updates.