Paul Gilding

Paul Gilding is the Australian former director of Greenpeace International and an internationally renowned business strategist. According to this inspirational visionary, mankind is headed towards an ecological and economic crisis never before witnessed, and we are only going to change course at the very last minute. I talked to Paul Gilding during the promotion tour of the Netherlands for his book The Great Disruption. Watch the abridged version of the interview with Paul Gilding here.

Paul’s message to young people:

‘Get to work, and get to work with a belief in endless possibility. We must not be cynical. Yes, we have to be sad about the loss and recognize that reality, but then we have to convert that despair and sadness into action. We are absolutely going to build a new economy and a new society and this new economy will mainly be build by young people. And so, I want all the young people in the world to stop worrying about stopping the crisis, and start worrying about and working on building the new structures we need on this planet. Because the faster we do that the more optimistic people will become about this new whole world. If we can see a new economy growing in the ground, then we will be more inclined to go to it. We have to show what it looks like, we have to give examples of how good it can be and how our lifes are going to improve. Building the new economy, I think, is the task of young people.’