Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu, chairman and co-founder of JUCCCE, is an internationally respected expert in the field of energy in China. In 2008 she was chosen Time Magazine Hero of the Environment, a year later she became World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and received the Hillary laureate for 2010 for leadership within climate change. Additionally, she is energy adviser to the Clinton Global Initiative and member of the Global World Economic Forum Agenda Council on New Energy Architecture 2011. Watch the abridged version of the interview with Peggy Liu here.

Peggy’s message to young people:

‘Over the last seven years I’ve learned that 1 + 1 is equal to 11. No one person can do it all and no one person should do it all. I think we have moved from the era of heroes to teams. So I think that young people, in order to make change should think about all those things that I mentioned in this interview: the leverage, the big idea, the channels, finding the right people, working with a smile – sorry this is longer than one thing (laughing), but there is so much stuff that I would love to tell younger people. If I learned anything, people are always surprised how much we get done at JUCCCE with so few full time people. And that really truly is because 1 + 1 equals 11.’