Peter Sunde

Just a few weeks after this interview the founder of the illegal download platform The Pirate Bay was arrested. Was that justified or not? Personally I am deeply impressed by the ideals and vision with which this hopeful monster is trying to change the status quo. In this interview he talks extensively about the transition phase we are in right now, about how information takes over the role of oil, about how the latest technologies (can) make an end to scarcity and about the role the young internet generation can play in all this: ‘Don’t be naïve. You have to do more than just clicking the ‘Like’ button.’ Watch the abridged version of the interview with Peter Sunde here.

Peter’s message to young people:

We should stop being as naïve as we are. We have this bubble that we live inside and sometimes we look outside of it but it’s not connected directly to us. We click maybe the ‘Like’ button if something happens. We should become more active, less naïve and put some more demands on society to change. Sometimes it’s good enough just to send a signal and sometimes you actually have to do a little bit more.