Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman, the renowned New York Times columnist and author of bestsellers like The Earth is Flat, and The Future is Green, is a fervent supporter of a renewed awareness in the sustainability field: in the Energy and Climate era that is just starting to emerge, the chances and opportunities are there for the taking, and a new, young, green generation – the Re-generation – is coming forward. Watch the abridged version of the interview with Thomas Friedman here.

Thomas’ message to young people:

‘You have to be the generation that says: my parents brought us freedom, okay, they won World War Two, and the Cold War. Now our generation has to bring freedom too, but the key to freedom for our generation is… sustainability. What freedom was for our parents’ generation, sustainable values in both the market and Mother Nature have to be for our generation. If we don’t bring those sustainable values to the market and Mother Nature, Mother Nature and the market will impose on us more restrictions than had the Soviet Union won the Cold War. So that’s the job of your generation, bringing sustainable values back to the market and Mother Nature. That’s the only way us, you, me, in Europe, America, Asia, that’s the only way we’ll be free.’